A single solution for app monetization
We configure your app ourselves, helping you
increase earnings from ads
What we offer
Precise configuration
We configure ad units for all advertising networks and set up a single mediation system. We then monitor effectiveness and update the settings as needed.
Quick payouts
We aggregate revenue from all advertising networks and pay out once a month, which means no more minimums for individual networks.
Simple instructions
We provide step-by-step instructions for integrating the SDK into your app. We can also help you quickly switch over from other mediation platforms.
A single account
You get a single account with access to all advertising networks and statistics, which means no registering anywhere else or managing any contracts.
Suitable for any app
on Android, iOS and Unity
Popular formats
We support all popular advertising formats: banners, rewarded videos, interstitial ads, and native ads.
Cutting-edge technologies
We bring two technologies together: In-App Bidding and the self-learning Smart Waterfall. This is how we get you the most profitable ads from across all connected networks.
12 advertising networks
We identify the ad networks that will earn you the most based on the target country and region.
Our partners
The experts at Yandex analyzed the current state of monetization, added new advertising networks, and reconfigured the mediation settings. Now, the app earns one and a half times more per user
Founder of Nekto.Me
Service costs based
on your earnings
You pay only 10% of what you earn, so we're invested in maximizing your income.
Tue Nov 15 2022 10:01:52 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)