Get access to new platforms and advertisers — with the ad inventory of our SSP platform and millions of ads from our DSP platform.
Our benefits
One of the largest ad providers for all digital platforms.
50 billion daily ad requests
worldwide from our publishers and 15+ SSP
More than 400,000 direct advertisers
and 30+ external
DSP platforms
More than
100,000 sites
to display
your ads
Yandex SSP
We’ve built a network of more than 50,000 publishers and more than 15 SSP-networks that are ready to place as many ads as you need. Use a wide infrastructure for placement, including unique Yandex advertising platforms.
Ad request per day
Map SSP networks
  • IN-APP
    47+ billion
    ad request per day from all over the world
  • WEB
    3+ billion
    ad request per day from all over the world
Huge direct inventory
1st party inventory
3rd party inventory
SSP already working with us:
Yandex DSP
Yandex brings together advertisers from different industries into a single network, including unique and direct advertisers. They compete for ad impressions and offer the best price.
More than 400,000 direct advertisers
compete to display
and control
of advertising for legal compliance
More than
1000 factors
go into selecting relevant advertising
DSP already working with us:
More solutions
User acquisition
Discover highly-engaged willing to pay audiences you couldn’t reach before
Apps Monetization
Add profitable advertising from Yandex and partners to your app — and get extra income. Your apps can do more.
Grow your mobile metrics with all-in-one platform for mobile analytics and marketing.
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