Mailing list and notifications

To regularly receive statistics on ad impressions, set up Telegram notifications or email newsletters in the account settings on the tab Settings in the menu on the left.

You can use the General tab to subscribe to and unsubscribe from newsletters.

Telegram notifications

A special Yandex Advertising Network bot will send messages to Telegram with information about remuneration payments, key metrics, and major changes to statistics. You can link both a separate account and a group to notifications.


To receive notifications, your Telegram account must have a username.

If you don't have a username, specify it in the Username field in the Telegram account settings before enabling notifications.

If you previously linked a Telegram account without a username to the Yandex Advertising Network, we recommend that you disable notifications, add a username, and then re-link your account.

To enable notifications:

  1. In the Notifications section, enable Telegram notifications. A window with notification settings will open.

  2. Link your Telegram account to your Yandex Advertising Network username:

    1. Click Log in with Telegram.
    2. In the window that opens, enter your phone number. Telegram will send you a message with a request for authorization in Click Accept.
    3. Allow the Yandex Advertising Network Statistics (@YANStatisticsBot) bot to send you messages in Telegram.
  3. Turn on notifications:

    Remuneration statistics

    Notifications will contain data from the revenue widget: revenue for the current calendar month, revenue for yesterday, and your balance (earnings accumulated on the last day of last month payable if the payment threshold is reached).

    You can also enable notifications about remuneration payments: on the day of payment, you'll receive a message specifying the payment amount and your current balance.

    Site statistics

    Notifications may contain the following:

    • Statistics by site: Regular messages with statistics on selected resources (apps).
    • Major changes: Only receive a notification if there're sharp fluctuations in statistical metrics.
    • Statistics by site and major changes: Regular messages with statistics on selected resources (apps) and additional notifications about sharp fluctuations in metrics (if any).
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

  5. You can also add the bot to a Telegram group so that notifications are sent both to the group and personally to the user whose account is linked to the Yandex Advertising Network.

For more information about setting up notifications, see Notifications in Telegram.

Newsletters by email

  • The Yandex Advertising Network monthly newsletter keeps you up-to-date with our news and provides helpful advice and recommendations.

  • With statistics monitoring, you'll get daily statistics on products placed for the previous calendar day compared to the same day the week before.

Newsletters are sent to the addresses specified in the Email field.

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