InStream ads

InStream is a video ad that is displayed in the video stream according to a specified scenario: before the main video, in the middle or at the end.

To start showing InStream video ads, connect your app to the Yandex Advertising Network as a video resource. Before connecting, make sure that the app meets the requirements of the Yandex Advertising Network for video partners, including:

  • app traffic — from 10,000 unique users per day for a month or more;
  • publishing only licensed or original proprietary (and not aggregated user-generated) video content.

For a full list of requirements for video resources, see Rules for participation in the Yandex Advertising Network.

Connect the app as a video resource

  1. If you don't have an account in the Yandex Advertising Network, create one.

  2. Send a request to add your app as a video resource via the support service. Make sure to include a link to your video resource in the request.

    If the app meets the requirements of the Yandex Advertising Network for video resources, it will be sent for moderation. Moderation usually takes no more than two days.

Once a video resource is created, you'll see the Ads in videos section in the Yandex Advertising Network interface, and the app will appear in the Ads in videos → Video resources tab. It'll get a unique ID (Page ID) and the New status.

After it passes moderation, the app status will change to Working. No statistics.

Create an ad unit

To create an InStream unit, go to the InStream units tab, click Add video unit, and follow these steps:

  1. In the General tab, fill in the fields:

    • Resource: Select the desired resource from the drop-down list.

    • Unit position: Select a video unit display scenario:

      • Pre-roll: Before the main content (maximum one unit).
      • Post-roll: After the main content (maximum one unit).
      • Mid-roll: At a specific time during the main content (maximum seven units).
      • Pause-roll: When the Pause button is pressed (no more than one unit).
      • Post-Pause Roll: After the video is unpaused (if the pause duration was 60 seconds or more).
      • In-roll: When a certain point in the video is reached (only in the Yandex video player).
    • Maximum length of unit: Specify the maximum duration of one unit. The total duration of all videos in it may be less than the specified duration.

    • Maximum number of videos: Specify the maximum number of videos per unit. We recommend setting this parameter to no more than three videos.


      If you specified a maximum of two videos for a unit with a 60-second duration, no more than two videos are displayed, even if there's still time left.

    • Short videos (6 seconds): If this option is enabled, an additional 6-second video is played before or after the main ad unit. It doesn't count toward the maximum unit length or the maximum number of videos.

  2. Go to the Strategy tab and select a suitable traffic management strategy.

    • The Maximum revenue strategy uses all your available traffic and doesn't require any manual management. The system uses automatic algorithms that help efficiently fill ad placements and maximize the revenue of the platform owner.

    • The Minimum CPM strategy lets you set a starting price for RTB impressions. If the auction bids exceed this floor, the Yandex RTB banners are displayed as normal. If the bids are lower, then your ads — the code for which you provided in the appropriate field — are displayed.

      Specify the starting price for 1000 impressions in the Minimum CPM floor field. The price must be in rubles, excluding VAT. Keep in mind that the actual CPM and your income can exceed the floor you specify. You only dictate the minimum price required to access the platform, but there is no maximum bid limit for advertisers.

    • The Separate CPM strategy lets you limit the number of impressions for Yandex Direct video ads (up to 15 seconds) and display videos (up to 60 seconds). You can set up CPM floors or block any type of ads completely. If no units and no floors are set, the floor is set to zero by default.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Integrate the ad unit into your app following the instructions: Android | iOS.

Actions with units

In the menu on the left, go to Ads in videos → InStream units. Find the desired video unit and select an action:

  • Edit: The unit settings will open.

  • Send to archive: Send the unit to the archive. To restore it, find the unit using the status filter, and select Restore.

Location-based ad serving

You can restrict showing video ads to users from a specific geographic region on the Regions tab.

In the region tree, select one or more regions. Set the CPMV floor in rubles without VAT in the CPMV field. The CPMV floor of a higher-level region is automatically applied to all its nested regions.

To completely prohibit ad impressions in a region, select the region and choose the Disable option.

Topic restriction

To restrict displaying all types ads on specific topics:

  1. Go to Ads in videos → InStream units.
  2. Choose the necessary resource and click Edit.
  3. Go to the Categories tab.

In the list of topics, select one or more categories and subcategories. To completely prohibit impressions of ads of a certain topic, choose a category and subcategory and select Disable.

If you can't find the topic you're looking for, contact support.

Restrictions for brands

To exclude individual brands from display ads (for example, the brands of your competitors):

  1. Go to Ads in videos → InStream units.
  2. Choose the necessary resource and click Edit.
  3. Go to the Brands.

To add an advertiser or brand to the list of restrictions, start typing its name in the input field. Select the desired brand from the drop-down list.

This setting only works for display ads and video ads provided by the Yandex display ad system or external DSP systems.

If you can't find the brand you're looking for, contact support.

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