Direct ad sales with Adfox

Adfox is a free online service for managing ads in your apps. Adfox offers placement of direct sales banners in addition to monetization with the Yandex Advertising Network, and Yandex Mediation.

Using Adfox, you can place the following types of ads in a mobile app:

  • Banner ads are used for serving banners that take up part of the screen. Banners are images or HTML code.

  • Interstitial ads take up the whole screen when the user starts the app or switches between pages. Ads are images or HTML code.

  • Native ads change depending on the function and design of the app they're being displayed in. The layout of a native ad matches the environment it is integrated into. This type of ad looks natural and contributes useful information to the app.

    You can add images, sliders, and videos to a native banner using templates:

  • InStream ads allow you to serve video ads that comply with VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) format.

To learn how to connect direct sales via Adfox, see Integration.

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