In-app ad formats

In the Yandex Advertising Network, you can place the following formats of ad units in mobile apps:

  • Banner: An ad unit that can display text and image ads, display advertising, or video ads. The partner can set the allowable size of the placement. The number of ads and the font size are determined automatically based on the banner dimensions.
  • Interstitial: Ad units that can display text and image ads, display advertising, or video ads. These ads are displayed in full screen between a user sending out a request and receiving data in response (for example, when advancing to the next level in a video game).
  • Rewarded: Ad units with text and image ads or videos used when monetizing video games. The unit with the ad fills the entire screen of thhe app. Watching these ads earns the user a reward or in-game currency.
  • Native: Ad units with text and image ads, for which app owners can customize each displayed element. This integrates the ad seamlessly into the rest of the content.
  • App Open Ads: Ad units that are shown when the app is loading, when the user either initially opens it or is returning after previously opening it. Since the ad doesn't cover the screen completely, the users can see which app they are opening and track the loading process.
  • Feed: Ad units that appear as feeds of text & image ads that can be added after the app's main content or instead of it.
  • InStream: Video ad that is displayed in the video stream according to a specified scenario: before the main video, in the middle or at the end.

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