Add profitable advertising from Yandex and partners to your app — and earn extra income

Yandex Advertising Network
Show relevant ads from the Yandex Advertising Network,
one of the largest advertising platforms in Eastern Europe
Up to
100% fill-rate
for a Russian-speaking audience
Advertisers from
over 30 industries
including banks, telecom, FMCG and more
1000 factors
are taken into account when matching ads to users
Mobile Mediation
Get the most profitable ads from multiple ad networks
Up to 30%
more income
for partners with Mobile Mediation
14 advertising networks
you can add to Mobile Mediation
In-App Bidding and Smart Waterfall
Available advertising networks Ad sources
Find out how Nevosoft increased eCPM by 36% with Yandex Mobile Mediation
The latest
Advertising technology news for mobile app publishers — from Yandex
Developers Guide
Integration manual
and the latest versions
of the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK
More solutions
User acquisition
Discover highly-engaged willing to pay audiences you couldn’t reach before
Ad Exchange
For DSP and SSP. Receive ad inventory from our SSP platform and get ads from
our DSP platform.
Grow your mobile metrics with all-in-one platform for mobile analytics and marketing.
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